INEX has comprehensive capabilities for wafer-level metrology, inspection, and test. It also has facilities for device and sub-system level test and characterisation. Inspection and test is often highly device/subsystem specific and suitable solutions are developed in consultation with clients, either in house or through collaboration or outsourcing.


INEX has the following metrology, inspection and test capabilities, in addition to the advanced microscopy and characterisation techniques described elsewhere.

  • Film thickness measurement
  • Refractive index measurement
  • Bulk and sheet resistivity measurement
  • Structure dimension measurement (e.g. critical dimensions, line width, trench depth)
  • Step height and surface roughness measurement
  • Contact angle measurement
  • Wafer thickness, bow and stress measurement
  • Wire bond pull/shear testing
  • Electrical characterisation


Metrology & Inspection

  • J.A. Woollam M2000 spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • Filmetrics F-20 reflectance spectrometer
  • Metricon 2100 prism coupler
  • Veeco Dektak 6M stylus profiler
  • Jandel four-point resistivity probe
  • Tencor M-gauge
  • Tencor 4500 Surfscan
  • Olympus MX-50 inspection microscopes
  • MueTec 50 line-width measurement system
  • BRSL David CD measurement system
  • MTI Proforma 200S wafer measurement tool


  • Dage 4000 bond tester
  • Wentworth AWP 200 semi-automatic probe station
  • Agilent/HP 35670A signal analyser, 4140B I-V / C-V test, 4275A LCR meter
  • Keithley 237 source meter, 617 picoammeter, 195 and 2700 series multimeters