About Us

INEX is a microsystems and specialist electronic device contract manufacturer, providing a seamless research, development and production solution in a wide range of materials (Si, SOI, compound semiconductors, diamond, glass, quartz, & polymers) at substrate sizes from a few mm up to 150 mm. It has an established record in cost effective and rapid development and transfer to in-house production of microsystems, optical, electronic, and fluidic devices. Products manufactured by INEX are used in specialist and demanding applications worldwide.

INEX was established in late 2002 as a commercial unit of Newcastle University. Its major activities include single crystal diamond device processing for high frequency and power applications, medical and biosensor device development and production, monolithic RF MEMS for defence applications, and development of high power compound semiconductor electronic and sub-mm wave devices.

These core activities are accompanied by an ever changing portfolio of customer defined research, development, and production contracts across multiple applications and sectors.

Our customers include government defence agencies, multinational companies, SME’s, corporate spin-outs, and venture funded start-ups in the following sectors:

  • Defence and security
  • Medical and biosciences
  • Information technology
  • Food and drink
  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Power semiconductors
  • Research Organisations and Universities