What we offer

For well over a decade INEX has helped to craft innovative developments, enhance them as systems solutions, and grow them to production according to the strictures and economies of scale that are associated with volume manufacturing.

With massive investment in its 150mm production line, INEX is a reliable partner throughout a product’s lifecycle - maximising efficiency and performance for customers continually.

We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality in all our business systems. Our ISO9001 certification is an outward reflection of the commitment our teams deploy company-wide to deliver the standards our customers expect. Find out more about our quality principles.

Research & Design

Taking a bright idea, evolving it and proving that it works can be the first and most challenging step during the realisation of a new product. In helping you demonstrate the concept, we don’t shy away from the tough technical hurdles.

We can help you with the design and fabrication of a whole host of different semiconductor devices, such as motion-based sensors, optical devices, active and passive sensors for environmental monitoring (e.g. of gas, humidity, light), novel MEMS based actuators for microfluidics and biotechnology. See our Technology & Products pages for even more inspiration.

Using our extensive networks of industry partners we can go even further. INEX can manage complex programmes and system solutions utilising the experience and knowledge of the best team for your requirements.

Prototyping & Development

We routinely take novel concepts and develop them through to production. INEX is nimble. Fast turnaround prototyping is made possible with our flexible and collaborative approach.

Manufacturability, yield, quality and cost are paramount. Understanding which, and how, key process steps affect the performance of your device is crucial in delivering targeted development programmes that de-risk fabrication, deliver quality and minimise time-to-market.


INEX operates a multi-material microfabrication facility with 400m2 of class 1000 cleanroom for front-end processing, and 150m2 of class 10,000 cleanroom for back-end processing, packaging, test and characterisation, both with local class 100 hoods.

The list below barely scratches the surface of our capability; contact us, we’ve got much more to talk about.

  • Substrates Open or Close
    • Silicon, SOI, glass, quartz, GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP and Diamond
    • 150 mm standard platform, smaller wafers processed on 150 mm carriers
    • Single wafers and bonded pairs
    • Irregular/small substrates (e.g. diamond)
    • Polyimide film and other flexible substrates
  • Lithography Open or Close
    • Single and double-sided contact aligners (1:1)
      • Minimum feature size: 1.5 µm
      • Alignment accuracy +/-1 µm (front side align), +/-2 µm (front to back align)
    • Stepper (1:1)
      • Minimum feature size: 0.7 µm
      • Overlay accuracy: 0.16 µm
    • E-beam writer
      • Minimum feature size 100 nm
      • Overlay & stitching accuracy 40 nm
    • HDMS vapour priming
    • Spin coating of photoresists and polyimides, SU-8 (2-150µm)
    • Puddle, spray or tank development
    • Hotplate and oven baking
    • Lift-off
  • Wet Processing Open or Close
    • Dedicated wet process stations for solvent and alkali processing
    • Anisotropic silicon etching (TMAH and KOH)
    • HF etching of silicon dioxide and glass
    • Wet etching of metals (e.g. Ti, Cr, Au, Cu, NiCr and Al)
    • Wafer cleaning (RCA, Piranha and solvent)
    • Solvent tools for lift-off and resist stripping
    • Photo-mask cleaning
    • HF release etch with supercritical CO2 drying
  • CVD Processing Open or Close
    • LPCVD deposition of poly and amorphous silicon (un-doped)
    • High and low frequency PECVD deposition of silicon oxide, nitride, oxy-nitride and amorphous silicon
    • Mixed frequency PECVD deposition of silicon nitride (low stress)
  • Thermal Processing Open or Close
    • Wet and dry oxidation of silicon
    • High temperature anneal (N2 or O2 atmosphere)
  • Plasma Etching Open or Close
    • DRIE of silicon (Bosch process)
    • DRIE of SiO2, glass, SiC, GaN, GaAs (ICP source), SU-8, C
    • RIE of silicon dioxide, nitride, poly-silicon, polyimide and PZT
    • Metal etching (ICP source)
    • Emission and optical end-point detectors
    • Resist stripping and descum
  • Metallisation Open or Close
    • DC & RF sputtering of metals (e.g. Al, Cr, Pt, Au, Cu, TiW and NiCr)
    • E-beam evaporation of metals (e.g. Cr, Au, Ag, Pt, Ti, Al)
    • DC and pulse plating of metals (Au, Ni, Pt and Cu)
    • RF sputter clean station with RF sputtering of metals
  • Polymer Processing Open or Close
    • Hot Embossing and nano-imprinting
    • PDMS casting
    • Polymer micro-milling
  • Wafer Bonding Open or Close
    • Megasonic wafer cleaning station
    • Silicon fusion bonding
    • Anodic bonding
    • Adhesive wafer bonding
    • Eutectic and TLP bonding
    • Bonding at atmospheric pressure or vacuum (to 10 -5 mbar)
    • Aligned wafer bonding with 5 µm accuracy
  • Packaging & Test Open or Close
    • Flip chip & die bonding
    • Ball and wedge wire bonding
    • Automated wafer prober
    • Wafer dicing up to 150 mm diameter: Si, glass, quartz, SiC, GaAs,
    • Sapphire, GaN, double and triple stack bonded (e.g. glass/silicon, glass/Si/glass)
  • Surface & Thin Film Measurement Open or Close
    • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
    • Stylus Profilometer and Hover Probe
    • Prism Coupler
    • Interferometer
    • Wafer thickness, bow, and warp measurements
    • Optical CD measurement down to 0.1 µm accuracy
    • SEM and SPM (AFM, STM, LFM, MFM) analysis
    • Particle measurements (surfscan)

Standard Processes & Equipment

We have a wide range of standard processes that help us to reduce cost and cycle time and increase reliability and reproducibility. These include lithography; dry and wet etch; metal and dielectric deposition; wafer bond; dicing; wire-bond; test and characterisation.

We have a rich catalogue of recipes that use these baseline processes – these are recipes that we know will deliver superior results predictably.

Bespoke Processes

When performance is a key driver for a device’s functionality or there simply isn’t an obvious solution to a technical problem, we can use our many years of experience and expertise to overcome these challenges with creative solutions and bespoke process development tailored to suit your needs.
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