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Bridging the innovation gap

Many of our customers are familiar with the technology adoption lifecycle model because they have found themselves caught in the ‘innovation gap’. We meet frustrated innovators who have delivered viable prototypes in, for example, academic facilities only to find that they are turned away due to their early stage in the technology lifecycle. Sadly, many commercial manufacturers cannot ‘bend’ to meet their needs either; this is where INEX can help.

We have made a speciality of this mode of working. Uniquely set up to be both development house and production house, INEX partners with innovators, their investors and promoters; catapults and supply chain partners to turn your vision into commercial reality and fulfil the production scaling that ensues. What we offer.


We’re small enough to be versatile, large enough to meet your long-term production needs and always on the lookout for new collaborators. Explore the hugely diverse ‘long tail’ of sensors and exotic devices, from the elegantly simple to the elaborate, across a plethora of substrates, technologies and media.

Our teamwork through a specification with you, develop designs and deliver a finished product in the form of a die, a packaged element or a system.

We value long-term partnerships. Creating a unique deliverable demands flexibility and agility. INEX has enormous technological reach with an extensive network of industry partners. This can help us fulfil follow-on processing, packaging and integration.

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Working with you